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Who I Am

My name is Lynn Salem, proprietor of Gypzie Girl Designs, where you will find unique photographs and one-of-a-kind creative artwork. My photography and artwork is designed to give ambience for your home, your office décor , restaurant décor, or your yoga studio décor. I offer a variety of subjects such as still lifes, spiritual or mindfulness, landscapes, abstracts, flowers and much more.

I am a self-taught photographer and artist living in Western Massachusetts. Teaching yourself photography takes a lot of reading and watching hours of videos online. The photograph not only must tell a story but it must move the viewer emotionally. I enjoy shooting a great photograph and then making it into a unique picture. I love to manipulate the digital pixels of an image and create something totally different and unexpected. I sometimes layer two or three photos together to make one great composite. 

I started taking pictures of subjects that everyone else took - landscapes, flowers and birds. Although it was a great learning tool, it wasn't me. I started to explore processing methods and techniques in different photography programs. I played in photoshop teaching myself different ways of post processing and making composites. I taught myself to uniquely create another form of art. My photography has been exhibited in juried and non-juried shows in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

When I handcraft pieces of art I create what I see in my mind. In the future, you will be seeing pages of my artwork. Everything I handcraft is a one-of-a-kind piece. My artwork has been exhibited in Massachusetts.

All my photos and other work of art are original. 

Thank you for your interest in my work and taking the time to look at my products.


Enjoy your shopping experience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. info@gypziegirldesigns.com